The Issaquah Philharmonic Orchestra

seeks a new music director/conductor 

beginning the 2023-24 season

in August, 2023.

See linked pages for application.


The Issaquah Philharmonic Orchestra stands against racism and discrimination in all forms and supports those raising their voices in support of justice and equality.

Issaquah Philharmonic Orchestra

The Issaquah Philharmonic Orchestra is a group of volunteer musicians who rehearse weekly and perform several free community concerts each year. We do all of this out of the love of music and the satisfaction of improving our skills. We maintain a congenial, educational atmosphere at rehearsals.

We are dedicated to providing qualified youth and experienced adults from Issaquah and surrounding communities an opportunity to perform symphonic music; fostering music education in the community; and contributing to the enhancement of the performing arts in Issaquah.

Our orchestra’s roots go back to 2000 when a small reading group was founded by Joyce Cunningham and Dr. Duane Bowen. (see our About page for more information)

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